The photo above is a Honeycrisp apple.

We grow a variety of apples for u-pick. The favorite is the Honey Crisp which we harvest Labor Day weekend. Our earliest apple starts in August, the Ginger Gold. Other apple varieties are Gala, Fuji, Blondee, and Crimson Crisp, some people are saying this is a new favorite. Also we have Braeburn, Jonagold, Criterion, Pristine, GoldenDelicious, and Pink Lady.

Below is a short description and harvest time. Different apple varieties mature at different times, so the harvest season can stretch from August to October.

  • Ginger Gold – late July/early August: This is an outstanding early season apple. A golden delicious type variety with incredible crunch and a mild-sweet flavor.
  • Gala – late August: Small to medium in size, red in color, with very sweet crisp flesh.
  • Honeycrisp – early/mid September: This is the tastiest winner every year. It has larger cells than other varieties, making it the crunchiest apple grown. With a wonderful sweet-tart flavor, our limestone soils are well-suited to improving its already great flavor.  For more information about this delicious apple – click here.
  • Blondee – It is a yellow apple related to Gala but is a slightly smaller yellow apple with a crisper texture and richer flavor. It works great for children’s lunch boxes.
  • Pinova – Pinova apples borrow much of its appearance and taste to its parent apples. The striated dark red blush over yellow skin is reminiscent of the Cox’s Orange Pippin; the sweet aroma and flavor from the Golden Delicious; and a hint of tartness from the Duchess of Oldenburg. The mostly round, symmetrical Pinova apples are covered in lenticels (pores) and have a tapered calyx (bottom). The Pinova apple has a creamy white inner flesh and a crisp, crunchy texture. Its sweet flavor has subtle tropical undertones, such as banana and pineapple.
  • Ozark – Ozark Gold is a medium-large apple with light yellow skin that has a hint of translucency. Its shape is generally round and more than a little cylindrical. There are a few small patches of tiny black stipples. The whole apple itself has a sweet fragrance.
  • Golden Delicious – late September: An old standard for eating and baking.
  • York – early/mid October: Best pie for baking. The York is hard as a brick and is known for keeping its shape in pies. It only grows well in limestone soil.
  • Fuji – mid October: Great tasting mild, sweet, and firm.

Harvest patiently.  After all the pruning and caring, be sure to harvest your apples at their peak of perfection. Pluck your apples when their background color is no longer green. At this point, the stem should part readily from the branch when the fruit is cupped in the palm of your hand and given a slight twist around, then up.

If the apple is overripe and soft, use for cooking!

Apples keep well for about six months at temperatures between 32 and 45 degrees F.

How to pick apples:

Look for yellow or red ground color, not green, on varieties that turn red and look for a yellowing of the skin on green skinned apples. The larger fruit on a tree is usually riper than the smaller fruit.

One of our apple varieties in bloom!