Asian pears have a distinct, but pear-like taste and they have a crisp texture, much like a good apple.  Asian pears are harvested August, September and October.

Most growers determine harvest date by fruit taste and color. The color of russett-type fruit changes from green to brown, and the ground color of green fruit changes from green to yellow. Color and sugar content best determine time to harvest.

All Asian pears must be carefully handled to minimize bruising and brown marks and stem punctures. Over-mature fruit quickly show roller bruises, fingerprints and other signs of handling at harvest. Under-mature fruit are poor in flavor and ruin the market for Asian pears. Later harvests of this fruit may develop brown flesh in storage.

We have 4 varieties of Asian pear available:
Hosui– A very large, juicy, sweet, low acid, bronze-skinned pear that ripens in early August.
Shinko – The fruit is large and round to slightly flattened with a beautiful bronze-russet skin.

Nitaka – A very large, firm, brown-russet fruit.

Shinseiki – A Japanese clear-skinned yellow type with medium size good to excellent flavor.