Honeycrisp – the most amazing apple variety that Mackintosh Fruit Farm has ever grown. It is a delightful crisp textured apple with a balanced flavor that can’t be matched. This variety is very sensitive to the type of soil that it is grown in. It likes lots of calcium and lots of magnesium. Mackintosh Fruit Farm’s soils are naturally very high in dolomitic limestone. This type of stone supplies our soil with the perfect balance of calcium and magnesium to maximize sugar content in our Honeycrisp. We also have the benefit of having high mineral content in our irrigation water, which also adds to our fruit quality.

Honeycrisp that are grown in low calcium soils often develop dark spots known as bitter pit, which is a direct symptom of low calcium in the fruit’s skin and flesh. Many growers pick their Honeycrisp too early in order to sell the apples before the spotting becomes visible on the fruit. By picking the apples too early the fruit quality will never reach its full potential and the consumer will miss out on what could be their best apple eating experience ever.   Our Honeycrisp can hang on the tree longer, building natural sugars and flavor complexities that you won’t find in apples grown in other areas.

Yes I am biased, but we really do have the best Honeycrisp you will ever eat. I would like to take credit for it, but it is all about the soil and the water.

Varieties we are picking with Honeycrisp:

September Wonder Fuji – sweet, juicy, smooth texture

Gala – extremely sweet, lunch box sized apples

Crimson Crisp – a new deep red beautiful apple that is firm and flavorful and is well suited for fresh eating, pies, sauce, and fried apples. This variety is turning out to be a new favorite for many apple connoisseurs.

Blondee – just about at the end of their season. This is a small golden apple that is related to Gala and is very similar in flavor

Asian pears – several varieties, all are very sweet with a flavor and texture that blends the best of apple and pear

Coming soon –

Criterion – This is a winner! You have to try it to believe it. Criterion has a beautiful pink blush over cream colored skin and has a crisp white flesh with a sweet mild flavor that might be your new favorite.

Jonastar – mid to late September – balanced sweet tart flavor wrapped in a bright red skin that holds a course textured juice filled flesh that is ideal for eating, sauce, pies, and apple butter.

Fall  – Fuji and Pink lady